The Virginia Children’s Book Festival is dedicated to creating a culture of literacy for all children, regardless of circumstance.


The VCBF is more than just one event. In addition to our free, three-day festival, the VCBF has ongoing programming throughout the year, and distributes more than 20,000 books a year in juvenile detention centers, foster homes, habitat for humanity homes, departments of social services, and more. The VCBF is known for our innovative programming and outreach, and we are always trying to create new opportunities to engage children in reading.


The VCBF doesn’t believe in putting an author in front of child and hoping for the best. Our innovative programming is highly-interactive, using everything from robots to hip-hop to get children interested in reading. By constantly refining existing programming and introducing new initiatives, the VCBF keeps children of all ages engaged and inspired.


Our core team is a dedicated group of volunteers who are responsible for the entire VCBF, from the festival itself, to book distributions, fundraising, scheduling, design work, outreach, and more. They volunteer their time all year long to make sure the VCBF reaches as many children as possible .


The Virginia Children’s Book Festival believes that the right book in the hands of the right child at the right time can make all the difference in the world. Nothing predicts future success like reading, and we are dedicated to making sure that every child in the commonwealth not only has access to books, but an intense and lifelong desire to read.