Guidelines and FAQs

Bus Route & Student Drop Off Information

School buses will enter Longwood’s campus on Main St., turning onto Wynne Drive, continue and turn right onto Race Street, proceed down Race Street and drop off students by the VCBF closed-off area by Greenwood Library. Buses will exit Longwood’s campus by taking a left onto Vine Street, and then a right onto Griffen Boulevard (one-way traffic only)

Bus Route Map

Directions to Longwood University
Student Pick Up

Longwood University police ask that buses pick up students on Race Street, the same place they are dropped off in the morning, unless students are being picked up at the Longwood Center for the Visual Arts.  

Where do buses go during the VCBF day?

Buses may park around the town of Farmville in any one of the municipal lots, the Walmart parking lot, or the Tractor Supply parking lot. There are lots of things to see and do in Farmville for the good folks who drive the school buses. See more here:

VCBF Check In & event information

After disembarking from buses, teachers, students, and chaperones will proceed through the VCBF plaza parking lot to the VCBF registration tent on Stubbs Lawn. There, teachers or chaperones will check in student groups, provide an emergency contact phone number,  and receive a VCBF program, campus map, and be able to get a VCBF volunteer campus guide, if necessary.

What if a child gets lost?

We ask that each child wear a tag with the name of his or her school or group clearly marked, but WITHOUT the name of the child. Please instruct your students prior to the VCBF on the location of our information tent, located on Brock Commons outside of Lankford. Any lost children should find a VCBF volunteer in a bright red volunteer shirt, who will then escort the child to our information tent. VCBF volunteer team leaders are equipped with walkie-talkies to communicate about a lost child, and will also contact Longwood police in the event a child is lost. If you discover you have lost a child, find a VCBF volunteer immediately.

How will we navigate campus?

You will be given a campus map, if needed, at the registration tent. VCBF volunteers are plentiful and are stationed all around campus to help direct you. Session locations will also be clearly marked on lawn signs throughout campus. 

What about photographs?

There will be photographers around campus taking pictures during the VCBF day. If you have a child whose photo CANNOT be taken, please alert the photographer.


VCBF attendees may each lunch at the site of their second session or on one of Longwood’s beautiful lawns, weather permitting. VCBF attendees are NOT permitted to eat in Longwood’s dining hall. 

What do we do with the kids' lunches?

Kids will carry their lunches with them during the VCBF. We encourage them to bring backpacks with their lunches, a beverage, and maybe a snack for between sessions. 

Why can't we eat in the dining hall?

The VCBF happens while Longwood is in session, and the dining hall is filled to capacity with college students. 

What if one of our students loses their lunch?

If one of your students loses their lunch, there are several options to purchase an extra meal in the Upchurch student center. However, there is no “dine in” option for VCBF attendees in Upchurch. 

Festival Bookstore and Book Signings

The VCBF offers a fully-stocked bookstore for you and your students.  We will also have a VCBF podcast station situated in the bookstore area.


The VCBF bookstore is operated by Chop Suey Books and is located on the lower level of Lankford. The bookstore is open all day, but special bookstore time is built into your schedule between sessions 2 & 3. 

How much money should students bring?

Chop Suey Books works hard to have books priced affordably. Book prices range from about $5 to about $25. 

Book Signings

Authors have to eat lunch too, so book signings are scheduled from about 12:15pm to 1:00pm adjacent to the VCBF bookstore. Please do NOT have authors sign books at the end of their sessions as they need time to prepare for their next session, and that time is limited. 

What if my students have free time between sessions 1 & 2?

Your students may have lunch, visit the book store, and get their books signed with time to spare. If they do, we offer several VCBF mini-session stations just outside the bookstore, and there will also be classic cars on display in the VCBF plaza, where the VMFA art mobile will also be located. 


The VCBF works closely with both Longwood and Farmville police to maintain security during the VCBF. Police will be guiding bus drop off both on campus and on Griffen Boulevard. 

Longwood University Police

ADA assistance

We work closely with Longwood University’s Office of Disability Services to ensure accessibility to everyone. If you have need of ADA assistance, indluding at bus drop off,  please contact this office at least five days in advance of the VCBF. 

Disability Resources

Other questions

We know you have lots of questions. If you do not see an answer to your question below, please email

What about chaperones?

We recommend at least one chaperone per 20 children. While VCBF volunteers monitor session locations and are available around campus, chaperones are responsible for continuous monitoring of your group’s activities. The VCBF reserves the right to dismiss any group that is disruptive during sessions or around campus. 

What should we bring?

Water bottle

packed lunch

dress in layers


copies of your own books you would like to have signed (not too many, please!)


What may we NOT bring?

weapons of any kind

tobacco or alcohol products

pets (service animals are welcome, but please be prepared to provide any necessary paperwork)


items you do not want damaged


What happens if it rains?

VCBF sessions all take place indoors, so the show will go on! However, you will be moving around campus, so raincoats and umbrellas are recommended. 


How do I change our registration schedule?

Once you have registered for your sessions, you may not re-enter registration and change your schedule. Registered groups may not attend a session for which they are not registered, as VCBF sessions are often full to capacity. Requests for schedule changes must be sent directly to Shannon Nusbaum at


Can we just skip a session if we are registered for it?

Skipping sessions for which are registered creates a hardship for the presenter and the VCBF. If you cannot attend a session for which you are registered, the VCBf requires ten days advance notice so we can open those spots to other interested groups and prepare our authors.