Kate Milford

Supplemental resources: Website - https://clockworkfoundry.com/ About the author - https://clockworkfoundry.com/faq/about-kate/

Tracey Baptiste

Supplemental resources: Tracey Baptiste Resources for Teachers - see here Teaching Fantasy lesson plan - download here

Dan Poblocki

Supplemental resources: Dan's website - www.danpoblocki.com

Chris Grabenstein

Supplemental resources: Information on the novel - https://chrisgrabenstein.com/books/mr-lemoncellos-library-olympics/ Information about the Author - https://chrisgrabenstein.com/about-chris/ Educators Guide

Jay Cooper & Max Brallier

Supplemental resources: Info on the Series “The Last Kids on Earth” - http://www.maxbrallier.com/series-last-kids-on-earth Interactive video lesson plan

Kayla Miller

Supplemental resources: Info on Miller’s Hit Book! - https://www.kayla-miller.com/clash

LeUyen Pham & Shannon Hale

Supplemental resources: Info about and reviews about the novel - https://www.goodreads.com/en/book/show/55780540-friends-forever LeUyen's Bio - https://theauthorvillage.com/presenters/leuyen-pham/ Shannon's website - https://shannonhale.com/ Educator letter regarding graphic novels - https://shannonhale.com/s/graphic-novel-librarian-letter-hhgg.pdf

Chad Sell

Supplemental resources: Information about the novel - https://chadsellcomics.com/thecardboardkingdom Sell’s Blog - https://chadsellcomics.com/ Sell’s Youtube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/panjacomics Educators Guide

Jerry Craft

Supplemental resources: Info about Class Act - https://jerrycraft.com/books/class-act/ About the Author - https://jerrycraft.com/about/ Resources